MOTORIZR Z8 phone: It's a hot, hot, hot, hot world

They don't come much sleeker than this: Motorola's MOTORIZR Z8 phone has the kind of form factor that we've come to expect from the company that gave us the sexy RAZR and Q. But this hot piece of 3G cell has brains, too: HSDPA mobile-broadband connectivity, 90 MB of internal memory (which you can pump up with a microSD card), and a 2-megapixel camera with 8x zoom. The 2.2-inch screen is all you need for video on the go, and Bluetooth will send calls and stereo music to your separate headset. You may want to use that earpiece sparingly, though — this phone wasn't made to be hidden away in a pocket, and its overall curved shape is intended to make it friendly to the contours of the face.

But Motorola, as much as I want to press my lips up against this baby, I've gotta say I personally can't stand how you've stuck a "MOTO" prefix one the names of all your new phones. While you're prepping the spring release of this one (anywhere but the U.S., I'm guessing), maybe you could switch the suits in the branding department over to decaf, mkay?

Motorola, via Engadget