Milk Desk is creamy and smooth, just like the name implies

Soren Kjaer, the designer of this Milk Desk, calls his creation the "iPod of Desks." And while that's a pretty smooth pitch for a desk, it's actually a pretty apt description. It's got the clean lines, simple design, and smart style of Apple's ubiquitous player, and it looks like it would fit right at home in the Apple store.

It's got smart design elements such as a hidden wire trough, recessed cubbies, and a magazine tray on the side. It's got clean lines that would look great in any number of environments, and it certainly beats the crappy IKEA desk I'm currently writing on. There's no price listed, but there is a distributor's contact info if you feel like investigating further. Peep a couple more shots of the Milk Desk after the jump.

Milk Desk, via Yanko Design