Lasers won't protect you, my friend

If you're looking for a security system that sounds high tech but is actually almost completely ineffectual, step right up and give the Lazer [sic] Trip Wire a try. Set it up across the threshold of a room you don't want anyone going into and wait for the loud, annoying alarm to go off. Sure, you and your pets will set it off 100% more often than a thief, but just the idea of being protected by a laser should make you feel safer.

It even comes with a little spray bottle so you can "see" the laser beam. Seriously, are you going to get on your hands and knees and spray at the air so a beam appears? That's how you'll know it's there? I guess why technically this is classified as a "toy" rather than as a "serious security system," but really, what's the difference?

ThinkGeek, via New Launches