IronDrive redefines data protection overkill

Seriously, just how important is your data? What are you carrying around on flash drives that you're so paranoid about losing that you go to extreme measures like this to protect? The IronDrive has been "tested for high temperature, shock, vibration, caustic agents, submersion, EMI, and nuclear stresses." Really? So if a bomb drops and suddenly you're in the middle of a nuclear fallout zone, you're more worried about your Word documents than your, you know, body?

Guess what guys: most flash drives will store your data pretty well as long as you aren't a total klutz. Just don't drop them in the water, smash them with a hammer, or expose them to high level radiation. Is that so hard? If you're that worried about your data being corrupted, just back it up. A novel thought, I know.

IronDrive, via Crave