Horntones makes you the most obnoxious driver on the road

If you like inciting road rage and getting punched in the face by infuriated drivers, I've got something special for you. Horntones hooks into your car's horn system and allows you to play 8 different audio files of your choosing to other motorists or unsuspecting pedestrians. Yes, now your horn can play La Cucaracha, blast off a string of obscenities, or confuse people by playing clips from prog rock hits of the 1970s.

All this for only $150? Boy howdy, if I had a car I'd be sold on it. The presale started today, and they'll be available in April. I suggest getting one sooner rather than later as it wouldn't surprise me to see these banned in multiple states as soon as people start getting horribly annoyed by them.

Via Uberreview