GSM lamp: Let there be light, eavesdropping

If someone gave you this stylish table lamp, you'd probably set it down on an end table and then forget about it except when you need a little light. Big mistake. But then how could you know that the lamp has a built-in GSM receiver and microphone, letting the owner dial in and listen to what's going on in your living room? The GSM Table Lamp turns an otherwise innocuous household item into an eavesdroppers' party line with a range of 15 to 20 feet.

While we're somewhat unnerved by the recent proliferation of spy gadgets, we have to respect the innovative use of GSM technology, which is starting to spread out from cell phones. And the lamp isn't without its "legit" uses: as an undetectable nanny monitor, for example. Still, you'd have to think that cheating spouses would be a more likely target. Just be prepared to drop about $1,325 for your spy gadget — couples' therapy might be a more affordable choice.

Spycatcher, via Übergizmo