Good Vibrations Therapeutic Vibrating Shoes have a whole lot of shakin' going on

Footwear is a surprisingly lively growth area in the high-tech arena, where you can get GPS shoes, shoes with a CD player inside, and even vacuum shoes that will do all your house cleaning while you just walk around. Let's add Good Vibrations to that list, the shaky shoes with alleged therapeutic benefits, massaging your feet and stimulating tight, tired, sore, or cramped muscles.

Those aren't just any vibrations, either. They're good vibrations; a special kind of massage that won't itch or irritate your skin because it's emitted at very high frequencies. And when you've had enough of all that trembling and quivering, just reach down and turn them off with the built-in on-off switch. Then you can just plug them in and charge them up in an hour, ready for another round.

Do they work? It's hard to tell, but they are endorsed by podiatrist Dr. Richard Koenig, who says they are particularly effective for people with jobs that require them to stay on their feet all day, or arthritis sufferers. However, the good doctor adds that his company doesn't make any specific health claims. They'll either work or give you a royal case of the heebie-jeebies. Available in six different styles, what do you have to lose but $59.95?

Good Vibrations, via American Inventor Spot