Glam up the laundry room with gilded washing machine

Check out this washing machine — do Koreans love their spin cycles or what? Though you need to speak (or read) Korean to understand the in-depth specs of this baby (also known by Samsung/Hauzen as the SEW-HKR149ATA) we can tell you a little bit. It looks to have been designed by Andre Kim, who apparently once turned down a request from Michael Jackson to be his designer. Kim's touch makes for one amazing-looking washing machine, decked out, as Popgadget describes, in "a gilded finish, a bright-red paint job, and to top it all, a royal emblem on the glass."

No word on pricing or if this king of all washing machines will hit the States, but when and if it does, please remember: it can't make sausages.

Hauzen, via Popgadget and Savvy Chick