Digital clock table: Always have dinner on time

Take a look at this table. No, you're not in some bad '60s sci-fi serial about shrinking to the size of a bug so that digital watches appear huge. You're looking at the Time Table (oh-ho!), the entire top surface of which is a digital clock. The digits are illuminated by electroluminescent film, keeping the tabletop a mere 2.4 inches thin. Also included are an alarm (for those mornings when you zone out while sipping your coffee, presumably) and a timer for automatically switching off the digits at night. Personally, I'd like to see the color of the digits change with your mood.

On the minus side, the Time Table is filed under the "Ideas" section of designer Ross McBride's site, so it appears to be a concept right now and not a real product. I'm sure the interior decorators at CTU are crushed.

Normal Design, via Geekologie