Control Glove puts Bluetooth power at your fingertips

Witness the power of the Control Glove from U.K.-based Engineered Fiber Structures. This spinoff from the University of Manchester looks to have designed a topnotch wireless-gaming gadget which is much cooler looking than a homebrewed Wii gaming glove.

The Control Glove, which can be made "from standard acrylic or stretch-nylon base yarn," lets you send wireless commands to gear via Bluetooth. Each of the glove's fingertips has a contact, and you put different fingers together to send different commands.

The designers see a number of possible uses for wireless gloves, including gaming, patient rehabilitation in healthcare, and a computer interface. If these take off maybe they can build in other functions like powered heaters and CPR support.

Engineered Fibre Structures Control Glove, via talk2myShirt