Adtron 160-GB solid-state flash drive's performance matches conventional hard disks

Adtron accelerates the race to change the way all data is stored, rolling out 160-GB solid-state flash disks in both IDE and Serial ATA (SATA) configurations. They're the highest-capacity solid-state disks (SSD) yet, besting those small UMPCs' 32-GB drives, and also that 64-GB thumb drive (with its $5,740 price tag) we've heard about. This 160-GB 2.5-inch monster drive is packing some serious performance, too, able to access data at 70 MB per second. That's right up there with conventional spinning hard disks.

The allure of storing data on drives with no moving parts is powerful, and their performance continues to improve. Already, there are solid-state drives that can transfer data at 190 MB per second. Plus, Windows Vista includes special software to handle the new disks, and although the speed boost isn't dramatic yet, the technology promises to allow PCs to boot up faster and use less power. Now if the price of this tech would just fall into the range of practicality, we'd be onto something here. Might take a while.

Adtron, via Gizmag