XM radio looks out for you in the Bushnell Onix400

While Bushnell might not be a name many of us know, XM Satellite Radio is. This Onix400 combines many of the mapping and GPS features that Bushnell specializes in, and adds in all the benefits of XM Radio. The Onix400 is just about the coolest portable we've seen in a while. You can download satellite imaging of the area you're going to travel to along with a topographical map. Then, once out in the wilds, the Onix400 receives weather information and overlays that on your maps. You can select what you'll see — cloud cover, precipitation, radar sweep, rain, snow, even current road conditions. You can choose to see the weather where you are, or more interestingly, where you're going. Weather information is updated every two minutes, so you know it's current.

As an XM portable device, the Onix400 has all the features you know and love, plus more. You can select what information is displayed constantly, either what's playing on your other favorite stations or the current weather conditions. Weather emergency information comes up from any screen, so if a tornado is heading your way, the Onix400 will be the first to let you know. How thoughtful.