Xip3 is a jacket, backpack, and pillow in one

Traveling light is the name of the game when you're going for a hike, as the more stuff you have to haul around with you up that mountain the faster you'll get tired and run whining back to your heated SUV. The Xip3 is designed to lighten your load, combining a jacket, backpack, and pillow into one easy to tote item.

So first, it's a jacket. You need one of those to go hiking when it's cold out, and if you didn't know that, stay indoors. You can then unzip a pouch inside, pull out some straps, stuff the sleeves inside, and it turns into a backpack for toting stuff like food and your Nintendo DS around. Lastly, you can stuff everything into said pouch to make a comfy pillow. Sounds all well and good, but what do you do with the stuff in the backpack when you turn it into a pillow? And what if you want to carry stuff around in a backpack while wearing a jacket? Seems like you'd need all three of these items at the same time at some point, at which case you'll be really missing your condo and gas fireplace.

Xip3, via UberGizmo