TriPong takes ping pong to the next level

If two is good, three is better, right? See, that's what I said! But try telling that to my girlfriend. Ha, but seriously folks, I'll be here all week.

Uh, yeah, so this TriPong table allows three people to play ping pong against each other. Inventor Secil Boyd has taken ping pong to the next level not just by adding a third player but also by adding scoring and neutral zones to the table. Hit the ball into your opponents scoring zone without them returning it and you get a point. Seems simple to me. He's hoping a major sporting goods company will pick up the idea and start mass producing it, with late night ESPN tournaments and Chinese Olympic gold medals to follow. Good luck with all that, Secil. What's next, FOUR people playing ping pong?! That's impossible! It'll never happen! Mark my words! You're all crazy!

Trendhunter, via Uberreview