Trade your cable clutter for the MultiPot

Charging cables are synonymous with clutter, though the MultiPot can untangle your cord world a bit by keeping those knots out of sight. It acts as both a table lamp and charging station, keeping unsightly AC adapters inside while providing modest illumination via a 4.2-watt LED from within the translucent surface (the site describes it as a nightlight). The lamp has five outlets, and you can leave the light off while keeping the power flowing to your phone, iPod, and whatnot. Feel free to toss your keys on the rubberized lid.

We like the modern aesthetic, and anything that gets rid of some wires from our décor is a keeper. Let me just get my credit card ou… $175? And that's the sale price? Well, I guess it is art, kind of, but I think I'll stick with my PowerStation a little longer.

YLighting, via Book of Joe