Three hybrid motorcycles make environmentalism cool

These three hybrid motorcycle concepts were designed by Machineart with the idea of bringing environmentally friendly bikes to the two-wheel set. Much like hybrid cars that are all the rage these days, the bikes use a combo of gas engines and electric power to get moving. With each of the three designs getting a very nice 150mpg, riders should be able to go for some serious road trips without having to stop and fill the tank.

The eC1, pictured above, is designed to be an early 60's throwback. The eC2, shown after the jump, is more sporty, and the eC3, also after the jump, is the tank of the trio. It's got wind shields, side cases, and a tail rack for those long treks. Since these are just concepts there's no word on if and when they'll ever get made, but they're a great look at how hybrid bikes could be done right.

Machineart, via MobileMag