Swivel Room Divider puts TV wherever you want

It's the year 2007, don't you think it's about time we start living a bit more like The Jetsons? I mean, I don't need a robot maid or anything, but some of those little details would really make me feel like the future is now.

Costco, of all places, is now selling a pretty sweet room divider that features a swiveling panel for your flat panel TV. That way you can divide a room in two and be able to watch TV from either side. Picture windows too bright in the morning and throwing glare on the screen? Just rotate the panel around. Want to sit by the fireplace while you watch 24? Swivel it on back. Sure, it's no crazy treadmill like George had, but that damned thing never worked anyways. This thing will set you back a solid $3,600.

Swivel Room Divider, via Ubergizmo