Soundolier Duo: wireless speakers that hide in plain sight

As we've just seen, wireless speakers are getting more popular, since they let you do away with stringing cables across your room, but how about that other big complaint from decorators: the speakers themselves? A company called Soundolier (think "chandelier," and yeah, we hate the name, too) gets rid of those unsightly speakers and stands by hiding them in floor lamps, no to mention making them wireless. You still have to plug them into power, of course, but since they're lamps, you'd be doing that anyway.

Called the Soundolier Duo, the lamp accepts music from your components via the Maestro transmitter, which connects to a pair of stereo outputs. The Maestro can simultaneously stream two-channel music to a stereo pair of Duos, making the system ideal for home theaters that need a little more light (though each lamp has a dimmer as well). Bonus: there's a stereo minijack in the base, so you can connect your iPod (or whatever) for when your system is off. The company also makes a separate Soundolier wireless subwoofer with an 8-inch driver, though it requires another Maestro.

Set to debut next month, each Duo lamp costs $280, and the Maestro's sold separately $80. The pricing actually isn't too bad, as long as they sound good. And the idea is miles ahead of the iLamp.