Soldier of the future will see through walls

The research arm of the military is responsible for inventing a pretty sizable chunk of the technology that we enjoy on a daily basis, from the internet to GPS, so it's no surprise that soldiers get the hottest new tech years before it can be adapted for consumer use. In the coming years the military will be outfitting their soldiers with some pretty crazy new gear, including, most notably, to ability to see through walls.

Yes, the supersoldiers of the future will be able to see what's going on in a room without entering it by using a radar scope the size of a walkie-talkie. Just imagine the advantages they'll have, not needing to put themselves in harms way unless absolutely necessary. Other new tech they can look forward to include guns that are networked together to tell everyone where an enemy is, artificial muscles to help with heavy lifting, and ultrasound blankets that can pinpoint and then stop internal bleeding.

War ain't pretty, and the safest way to avoid getting hurt or killed is to avoid it altogether. But if there are soldiers on the ground it's good to know that they'll soon have the best protection ever invented at their disposal., via The Raw Feed