Shredder Hand: Document destruction on the cheap

Who hasn't had this happen to them: You've got tons of incriminating documents lying around, and the Feds are pounding at the door. Just as you fire up the shredder, the power goes out. Damn, that's standard FBI procedure, isn't it? Now how are you going to carve up that embezzlement evidence with a quickness?

The Shredder Hand can take over paper-carving duties, no problem. Essentially five pairs of scissors put together (with one big handle), the Shredder Hand may not destroy your documents as quickly as the powered variety, but it'll still get the job done faster than normal scissors (five times as fast, one presumes). It also has the benefits of being portable and unpowered, not to mention cheap, priced at just $15.37. Old bank statements and electric bills, beware!

Compact Impact, via Daily Candy