Shower iPod dock won't judge you

It's rare that great leaps are made in the field of shower radios, one of the most low-tech gadgets out there. But hey, if it plays audio there's gonna be an iPod-friendly model released eventually… let's call it Jobs' Law.

Sold by that bastion of high tech products, JC Penny, the diplomatically named Shower iPod/MP3 Player will hook up to any device that fits inside and has a headphone jack. Hang it over the showerhead and get down to the sweet sounds of Barbara Striesand while you soap yourself up. Or anything else you want listen to in the shower. I just like a little Babs in the morning, OK? Whatever guys, just buy the damned shower iPod dock if you want it, I'm out of here. It's $20 and available now.

JC Penny, via Shiny Shiny