Scented tires smell like silliness

Ever stop to think that the aroma of your car's tires could be more pleasant? No? Well, the boys (and, probably, girls) at Kumho Tires did, creating the world's first scented car tire. The Ecsta DX replaces the rubber smell of your typical tire with heat-resistant oils. First scent up is lavender, with orange an jasmine coming soon. Personally, I'd like to see a KFC version.

Targeted at sedan-driving women, the fragrant tires are due to arrive in Discount Tire stores and by spring. Pricing is $119 to $138 per tire, depending on size. Yes, they seem ridiculous, but they said the same thing about scented candles once. Well, somebody did, I'll bet.

Kumho Tires, via Shiny Shiny