SanDisk Sansa Connect bestows Wi-Fi fun upon your MP3 player

You probably know SanDisk as the manufacturer of that removable flash-memory card in your digital camera. You might not know that SanDisk is moving powerfully into other markets and is already the No. 2 seller of flash MP3 players. SanDisk announced three new players at CES, most notably the Sansa Connect, a 4-GB MP3 player with Wi-Fi.

We've seen Wi-Fi in MP3 players before, but the Connect's abilities are impressive: you can access or purchase music from providers through any open hotspot — no PC is needed. You can also listen to Internet radio streams, access online photos, and share recommendations with any other Sansa owner anywhere across the Internet. Its 2.2-inch color display also displays photos. A microSD expansion slot boosts capacity when you need it, and there's a built-in speaker. The Connect is priced at a very competitive $250.

The SanDisk lineup also includes the Sansa Express, a 1-GB MP3 player for $60, and the Sansa View, an 8-GB MP3 player with 4-inch widescreen display that also handles videos and photos, for $300. All three players will be on retailer's shelves in March.