Real-life Halo suit is developed

Who says video games separate kids from reality? The way I see it, video games give kids a more interesting reality to aim for. Take Halo, for example. Would you sign up for military service if you knew you would get to strut around in Master Chief's exoskeleton? No? Well, some people would, I'm sure. Work with me here.

Inventor/crazy person Troy Hurtubise has created an actual working Halo suit, one that seems to actually have all the bells and whistles as the video game version. It can protect the wearer from knives, bullets, light explosions, clubs, and even an elephant gun. You can breathe easy with the fresh air system run by solar panels in the helmet, and it also has morphine/salt containers, knife and gun holsters, emergency lights, a built-in recording device, pepper spray, and an ingestible transponder for when things are looking especially bleak. He claims he could pump them out for the military for about $2,000 each, which seems kind of steep at a time when soldiers can't even get standard armor for their Humvee's, but I guess anything could happen.

Hamilton Spectator, via Engadget