Omigod, the SmartShopper makes shopping lists for you!

Gawd, making a shopping list is just so hard. It's like, first you need to go find a pad of paper, right? Then you are all like, "yo, where my pen at?" And once you finally get your pen and paper together, you have to like, write down what you need to buy. Who has time for that? Not me, girlfriends.

This SmartShopper is great, cause all I have to do is just tell it what I want and it prints a list out for me. It's the next best thing to having an illegal immigrant servant, which I had until a couple weeks ago when she was deported. Stupid INS, getting all up in my business and telling me who I can and cannot order around! Anyhow, the smart shopper won't get deported, but it also won't make me grilled cheese sandwiches with the crust cut off the way I like it. Oh well… this is a start.

SmartShopper, via Crave