Motiwake alarm clock gets you up chipper

This alarm clock is designed to make the most miserable part of the day … waking up … a bit more motivating. Combining annoying motivational posters with annoying alarm clocks, the Motiwake (really?) Motivational Alarm Clock sasses you out of bed with go-get-em-tiger type sayings and music. It has a built-in picture frame too, but a non-digital one so you'll need to find new motivational photos yourself.

Honestly, the last thing I want to hear while waking up in the morning is some canned voice saying "up and at them, it's a brand new day! Achieve your dreams!" or whatever other silly crap this thing is programmed to play. The horrible, grating buzzer is good enough for this guy, thank you very much. If you disagree, the Motiwake can be yours for $60.

Motiwake, via Oh Gizmo!