Make e-mail regret a thing of the past with Big String

How many times have you sent an email and immediately wished you could change something in it or take it back entirely? Sure, at 3 am after a bottle of whisky it might have seemed like a great idea to email your entire office those photos of you flexing with your shirt off, but in the morning light that doesn't seem like the best decision you've ever made.

Well, if you have BigString you can simply erase the email right from the recipients inbox. It allows you to edit and delete emails after you send them, allowing you to track if and where your emails are forwarded (if you allow them to be forwarded) as well. You can edit emails on the sly, with the recipient getting no notification of your shenanigans, which is a nice touch. Pretty sneaky, but when we're talking about the difference between you getting a reputation of the drunken beefcake around the office and you retaining your rep of being meek and quiet, you can't go too far.

Big String, via ProductDose