Keep your eyes on the road and your iPod in the glovebox

Controlling your iPod while driving can be dangerous, what with you trying to divide your attention between the road and the little screen in your hand. The man won't let you hold your cell phone while you drive, but your iPod is alright for some reason? Time to take your personal safety into your own hands, chief. You can't rely on John Law to protect you forever.

The Harman/Kardon Drive + Play moves the iPod menu to where you can see it, right on the dashboad, and puts the control in your hand where you don't need to look at it. You then stick your iPod in a dock in the glove compartment and let it send tunes to your stereo either via a RCA cable or, if you don't care about sound quality at all, via an FM transmitter. You can pick one up now for about $80.

Drive + Play, via Productdose