In-car PC: because we needed another distraction

Does the idea of having a full-blown PC in your car — letting you watch ripped movies as you zoom down the freeway — excite you? Short of sticking a PC tower in your trunk, options are somewhat limited. At least they were until a company like Ituner Networks came along and introduced its VoomPC-2 (yes, we missed the announcement on the VoomPC-1 as well).

The Voom-PC2 is aimed at automotive enthusiasts who want to trick out their cars like KITT from Knight Rider. The small form factor of this computer, which can run operating systems like Windows or Linux, uses mini-ITX boards and car PC ATX power supplies to survive engine cranks while also letting you coordinate the timing of your PC's startup and shutdown with the car's ignition. You can even tie this traveling PC into a motorized, in-dash touchscreen monitor that Ituner sells. The VoomPC will of course be great for those wanting to enjoy their MP3 collection sans iPod, but try not to let your car drive itself quite yet.

VoomPC-2, via Digital Trends