Hitachi phone sports highest mobile screen res anywhere

Hitachi is releasing their new W51H phone in Japan, and it features a display that puts the iPhone's high-res screen to shame. While Apple's buzz-generator sports a nice 320x480 3.5-inch screen, the W51H has a whopping 480x800 resolution on a 2.9-inch screen. Yep, it's smaller, but it's a whole lot sharper. It's not a touchscreen of course, but what do you expect?

Other nifty features include a fingerprint scanner for security, a 2-megapixel cameraphone, and a LED flash for making those low-light shots look their best. You also get 30MB of onboard memory and voice-activated GPS, allowing you to bark directions at your phone without looking at it. It comes in three colors; red, white, and black, and predictably is only being sold in Japan. Sigh.

Via New Launches