GPS shoes come equipped with a panic button

Personal tracking gadgets are really gaining footing in the competitive field of devices for creeps and overbearing parents. While some of the earliest devices were shameless in their privacy-invading purposes, newer models give people more socially acceptable and selfless reasons for sticking a GPS tracker on their friends or family.

At first glance, these GPS shoes seem to be as shamelessly surreptitious as anything out there, but wait! They have a panic button, allowing the wearer to alert someone of their whereabouts if something bad happens. So that makes one think that the wearer is actually aware of the fact that their shoes are broadcasting their location at all times. That'll give parents a hard choice: do you tell your kid to hit the button if they're in trouble, or let them think that they're just wearing normal shoes so they can be tracked easier? Decisions, decisions. The GPS shoes will be available in March for a Gucci-esque price of $350.

Covert Shoes, via The Raw Feed