Germ-free paper will keep you healthy

Domtar has just launched some paper that'll be a boon to those of you stuck in cubicle farms. While the tightly-packed office is second only to a kindergarten classroom when it comes to places that germs love to incubate, Domtar is trying to take away at least one of the places that germs hide.

Their new antimicrobial paper stays free of "the growth of bacteria, odors, fungus, mold and mildew," making the a headache the only affliction those TPS reports are capable of giving you. The paper can be printed on and all that jazz just like normal paper, so you won't need to buy special printers or inks to use it. Now you just need to wash that coffee cup of yours more than once a week and quit making out with your secretary in the supply closet and you'll be all set.

Domtar, via Engadget