Fingerprint doorbell to keep you more secure than necessary

There are only a couple of pieces of technology at your door: the doorbell and the security system, if you have one. Why keep them separate? This fancy doorbell has a biometric security system with fingerprint scanner built-in, letting you get the prints of the FedEx guy when he delivers your packages.

You can manage it via the Internet, allowing you to stay hidden in the depths of your house and see if you recognize the print before answering the door. If you're concerned about sneaky thieves cutting off the fingers of your friends and family to gain access to your castle, you can double the security by requiring a password as well as a fingerprint scan. Where do you people live that this level of security is necessary? And if someone is that determined to get in can't they just break a window? No word on pricing or availability, so you'll have to stick with your current security system of an elaborate series of booby traps for now.

TAP-01 Fingerprint Access Control with Door Bell, via Red Ferret