Far out from the far east: the scented cell phone

Where else but Japan would you be able to find a scented cell phone? Nowhere, that's where. Coming soon to the land of the rising sun is the Sony Ericsson S0703i , a phone designed with a slot for one of eleven replaceable scented sheets.

What do the sheets smell like? No idea. Since I don't have the actual info on hand, it's my duty as a blogger/journalist to just make some stuff up, so I'm gonna guess that the scented sheets will include such flavors as bubble gum, capers, sulfur, petunias, burnt hair, and plastic. Personally, I would love to be able to answer the phone and get a hearty whiff of pastrami, but I don't think that's as likely as some of the other options I listed above. In any case, my phone is gonna keep smelling like my pocket, as I don't live in Japan. Maybe someday…

Sony Ericsson, via Shiny Shiny