Emergency Bear is loaded with comforting supplies

If a sudden emergency happens, what's the first thing you'll grab? If you said your teddy bear, that's adorable and sort of pathetic. Well, in Japan they're working on making that answer adorable and sort of practical, which is a big step up.

Check out this life-saving teddy bear. It's full of all sorts of things you'll need when the going gets rough, like a flashlight, medicine, a first aid kit, playing cards, and slippers. Lord knows you don't want to be caught in the middle of a terrorist attack without the ability to play Rummy with slippers on! If we can't do that, the terrorists have won. Unsurprisingly, an item as quirky as the Emergency Bear is purely Japanese, with no plans for it to be sold here in the states. If you really need your emergency supplies to be in adorable casings, there's always one fail-safe solution: grow up, you underdeveloped man-child.

Emergency Bear, via CrunchGear