BMW mystery gadget: looks hot, does a lot

In an online tease, BMW ushered in the New Year by giving us a sneak peek at a gadget that will include such goodies as an MP3 player, a USB port, a DVD player, a 65,000-color LCD screen, and Bluetooth connectivity. It also says the thingie, whatever it turns out to be, will recharge itself, have voice recognition, and cook your breakfast. Okay, I made that last one up, but considering the looks of euphoria on the models in the flash movie, it had better be something good.

One thing it won't have, however, is GPS navigation, which seems a little weird for a car gadget. Or rather, a gadget from a car company, since we're honestly not really sure if this ginger-esque product has a hell of a lot to do with cars. Look for more details on BMW's supercoolfantastic mystery gadget later this month.

BMW, via New Launches