Blu:sens G14 shows the Zune how it's done

Remember all the cool stuff you assumed you'd be able to do with the Zune's WiFi when it was first announced? Then remember how you didn't buy one because Microsoft crippled the WiFi so much that it was pretty much useless? Well, the Spanish company Blu:sens is fulfilling the promises that Microsoft broke with their new G14 portable music player.

Like the Zune, the G14 has WiFi. Unlike the Zune, you can transfer any songs or playlists you want to other players and can even sync your player with your computer wirelessly. If they could somehow figure out a way to allow the G14 to transfer songs to the Zune they'd have a real pants-kicker on their hands, but somehow I don't think that'll be happening. It comes in measly 1GB and 2GB sizes for $232 and $258, respectively. No word on US availability, unfortunately.

Blue:sens, via Oh Gizmo!