Your iPod, now a recording studio

Why pay for expensive studio time or even worry about getting an at-home recording setup? If you have an iPod, you're halfway to having a setup for recording the next Since U Been Gone in the privacy of your own bedroom

The MusicJam lets you record directly to your iPod, cutting out all the junk that comes between you playing music and someone listening to your music on an iPod. Sure, some of the stuff in the middle is kind of vital to most musicians, but just knowing you've got the ability to record right to your iPod is nice. The MusicJam is a relatively steep $229. If you could run more than one track into the iPod at once it would be a lot more worthwhile, but as it stands now it seems to be a bit gimmicky. We're still waiting for the massing recording studio setup that all leads into an iPod. That would be progress right there.

MusicJam, via Ubergizmo