TV Glasses are a sad, sad product

Do you people really want to walk around with screens attached to your faces? Can you not be so far from a screen at any point that attaching a TV in your glasses seems like a great solution to that problem you're always complaining about? Get a grip, man! Go outside, read a book, take a breath of fresh air! You don't need a screen in your glasses, I promise.

If you really, really do or you'll get the shakes, enablers Lumus-Optical have developed a pair of smart-looking eyeglasses that are equipped with twin micro displays with 640 x 480-pixel resolution. There's even a tiny little projector built into the glasses on the arm, helping get that display up close and personal. Apparently it's like watching a 60-inch screen from 10 feet away, but I doubt that's really accurate as it's a tiny screen on the inside of your glasses, so it's gonna feel a hell of a lot different. But hey, portable TV! No details on if and when these will hit stores, but the company hopes to have a demo at CES in January.

Israel21c, via Oh Gizmo!