Trinity turns your cup holder into an iPod dock

There are plenty of iPod transmitters out there, but they all make you find a place to stick your iPod while you're driving. Yeah, it's sending your music to the radio, but it's annoying trying to keep it from sliding off the dash or the passenger seat when you make a hard stop. You need a place to put that thing if it's gonna become the way you play music in your car.

The Trinity DS-CHFMT is an FM transmitter for the iPod designed to fit in your cupholder, holding it steady and making it feel more built-in than just having it sitting there. It also plugs in to the cigarette lighter, charging your iPod up while it transmits. Sure, you'll lose a cupholder, but you need to cut back on all that soda you've been drinking anyways. In-car iPod stability is available now for $65 in Japan.

Via New Launches