Totally the most exciting dry erase board ever!

Nothing says excitement like a presentation involving a white board. It's like boring PowerPoint presentations, but somehow more boring! How awesome is that?!

And now look at this, there's an upgrade in store for the trusty white board. It still provides space-age dry erase technology, but it also has some even more impressive tricks up its sleeve. First, it can save whatever you write to a USB thumb drive, allowing you to back up your doodles and flow charts to your computer for sharing with people who skipped out on your meeting, despite the fact that you sent out multiple memos in the week preceding it. God, you need a new job. Secondly, you can print out aforementioned doodles and flow charts onto paper, so you can send those along in memo form to those same slackers.

You can get this marvel of technology for a whopping $1,700, and that doesn't include a printer, which you'll need to pick up separately. Yikes. This is why I don't work in an office.

M-11 Copyboard, via Engadget