Tiny 12-GB USB drive is great, for now

The great thing about following hard drives and media capacity is that there's always something newer, smaller, and bigger. There will never be a time when we can say "ah, finally. The smallest and highest capacity hard drive ever created. We might as well stop developing new ones now." No, as soon as something small and powerful comes out someone will be ready to unveil something even smaller and more powerful.

Just look at this tiny device. It doesn't look like much, but the thing holds a whopping 12 GB of data. It has a flip-out USB plug and has one-button syncing, making data backup a real cinch. The price of $125 isn't too bad either, at least if you don't think about how in three months a smaller 15-GB drive will be available for the same price. But oh, in six more months it'll be 25 GBs! Oh my, the choices.

ChipChick, via Ubergizmo