Portable Braille translator lets blind read print in one possible future

Among innovations for the blind, Braille ranks pretty highly. But not every book and magazine gets the bumpy treatment — are the sightless just supposed to go without reading those Buffy the Vampire Slayer fanzines? A gadget called the Bridge aims to provide a way for the blind to read anything in print wherever they are. The idea is you slide the portable reader over any text, which it then scans and translates into Braille on the top surface.

That's just the beginning, though. The reader will save text to a built-in hard drive for reading later, and it can connect to your PC and Braille-ize data from the Net. It also folds out for when the book you're holding is one of those massive hardcovers. Fantastic, brilliant… uh-oh, this must be a concept product. Yep, the Bridge is something on the drawing board from Chinese design company Togo. Well, there's still the vOICe glasses, guys.

Red Dot, via Yanko Design