Philips' new dock works with iPod and GoGear. Finally!

With so many iPod docks out there, manufacturers need to go to greater lengths these days to make their products stand out and get your attention. Philips has decided to go the abnormal size route with their latest offering, the DCM 270. Standing what looks to be child-height, it certainly isn't designed to fit on your desk or the kitchen counter. Just think of all the time it'll save you from not having to bend over to put your iPod in the dock you keep on the floor due to your lack of furniture!

As a bonus, the dock also will cradle GoGear, Philips' own brand of MP3 player. So if you're one of the dozen or two people who have one of those, good news! Someone finally made a dock for your questionable purchase! Sadly, it won't fit on your desk, because it's also an iPod dock, and you know, they need to make these things stand out. You understand.

Music Gizmos, via New Launches