Mini speakers hang out on your outlets

If you want to spread your music around the house without some expensive speaker setup, this "Plug + Enjoy" concept by designer Jinseup Ted Shin aims to solve your problems. Wee little speakers that sit on outlets, they include FM receivers designed to pick up signals from gadgets like iPods and cell phones with FM transmitters. Simply turn the knob til you find a signal, wait a second for it to lock in, and then turn the knob to adjust the volume.

Sounds cool and all, but from my experience FM transmitters deliver absolute crap in terms of sound quality, and that coupled with speakers the side of an outlet don't make me hopeful that this system could power a party. I imagine that you would end up with tinny, staticy music muffled by the couch placed in front of your outlet. Well, it's a nice idea.

Designbloom, via Popgadget