M*free is one ugly all-in-one gadget

This steaming pile of ugly gadget is the M*free Ultra-Portable PC, a sad attempt at creating a unified gadget that can do everything. It's got a cell phone, a digital camera, a portable media player, a little PC, and who knows what else. How does it do so much and still keep such a (not all that) slim figure?

Well, it uses a cartridge system to swap out different features. You know, cartridges, like what video games came on 10 years ago. That means if you want to turn it from a cell phone into a music player, you gotta swap cartridges. Let's see… ugly, clunky device with a really stupid and annoying system for getting it to function as advertised? It can't lose! Look for this one to stay in Korea, unless it somehow floats face down across the Pacific after jumping off a bridge in shame.

Aving, via Gizmodo