MERC Gaming Keyboard has way too many buttons

You think you're a serious gamer? Well, do you have a fancy keyboard that was designed exclusively for serious gamers? No? Then you're a shell of a man, my friend. Get with the program.

The Ideazon MERC Gaming Keyboard is like a normal keyboard, but it has 45 additional buttons on the left side for gaming. Yeah, 45. Who knows what you'd do with that many extra buttons, but if you're seriously a HARDCORE gamer than I'm sure you can figure some uses out. The extra buttons include stuff like crouch, jump, run, and other stuff that is usually assigned to regular keys. It'll probably take a lot of adjustment to get used to the wacky layout if you're used to a normal keyboard, but if you've just gotta prove to the world that you're a serious gamer this bad boy can be yours for $32.

Ideazon, via Oh Gizmo!