Light-up tweezers let you pluck like a pro

"La," a note to follow "so." It's also a pretty handy way to make verbs sound hep: La Scoop, La Pirouette, La Flourish — so why not La-Tweez? Now if I actually had eyebrows worth plucking (or, you know, cared), then putting a mini-light between a pair of steely little pincers like these ones might be intriguing. I guess it makes sense for those of you whose friends and family do this sitting on the bathroom counter with their faces scrunched against a mirror, and for just $16 (or $20 of the Australian variety) why not?

But wait a second, what about using these to tease out a sliver? "La-Extricate"? Hmm, maybe not.

La-Tweez, via Popgadget