iPhone a-callin': Kevin Rose, drunk on free beer, spills the beans

Kevin Rose, Digg founder, possible millionaire, and star of this controversial BusinessWeek cover story, dished some supposedly top-secret specs about Apple's rumored upcoming "iPhone" on his weekly podcast, Diggnation. Not trusting the wacky summaries making their way through the Internets, we slogged through the podcast ourselves. In it, Kevin Rose and pal Alex Albright test some free beer from a sponsor while talking about top Digg stories and their Thanksgiving breaks. It feels like several hours before they get to the interesting stuff: the Apple phone. While a speculative story mentioned that the phone would run OS X, Rose talked as if he had actually seen the thing. Rose, between expletives, manages to assert that:

  • The phone will come out in January.
  • It's "small as shit."
  • It will be GSM and CDMA compatible (but, we're assuming, probably not at the same time).
  • It will have two separate batteries — one for the music player, the other for the phone functions — but only one charger.
  • It will come in 4- and 8-gig models, but the 8-GB one will be significantly more expensive.
  • It'll have a slide-out keyboard and possibly a touchscreen.
Loose lips sink ships, Kevin! Or prompt lawsuits. If Rose gets slapped with one tomorrow, then we'll be a lot more likely to believe his story than earlier rumors.

Digg Podcast, via Gizmodo