Imaginary Hummer wins green award for algae car, real Hummers still get 8 mpg

GM's design for an environmentally friendly Hummer (called the Hummer O2) won The Los Angeles Auto Show's 2007 design challenge award yesterday. The concept car's roof opens to become a propeller-like canopy full of algae. The idea is that the algae absorb sunlight and therefore clean the air via photosynthesis. Right.

Fortunately, this announcement didn't seem to convince anyone that GM actually cares about the environment. GM may have been able to hire somebody who knows how to get fancy with 3D imaging software, but it stills sell one of the least fuel-efficient cars on the planet. In fact, the movie Who Killed the Electric Car asserts that GM's purchase of the Hummer brand was one factor that led it to stop manufacturing the EV1, the company's first electric vehicle.

Though GM is almost certain never to manufacture the Hummer O2, we wish that it at least would make small ones to include in Happy Meals.